January 07, 2007

Bad start . . .

It's almost 20 days from my last update, anyway this new year i had a bad start,
i was asked to go to south korea on 1st for 15days, it was a tight schedule, i was suffering from fever and cold from 3oth dec. I had to take 2 injection per day to make me fit, hmm not even fit just atleast to come. When i reached the airport on 1st with cold and fever to my bad luck the flight which was to come from delhi got cancelled due to bad weather there. So i was unable to catch the conecting flight at colombo. We tried for other flights it was full, so i returned back home. May be from evening 5 to 12:00 was in the airport. The next day i got the flight at 9pm. Reached korea on wednesday. Work got delayed by 1 day. This is how my new year has started...
I will try to post the pictures in korea soon. (In snow, its my first experience)


Anonymous dinesh n m said...

Hope you are feeling better now. You are lucky to see snow. :)

13 January, 2007 06:53  

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