January 30, 2011


long time no blog. just a check message

February 26, 2007

My new web cam. . .

This sunday i went to spencer to get web cam & mic.
My cam

February 24, 2007

inox in chennai . . .

My first visit to inox. Cool theatre. I loved the interiors more of Egyptian style.

Sound effects good, but the tweeter ( shrill) effect was little disturbing our ears. We had gone for the movie Pachi kili Muthucharam. Not to my expectation. They have got online booking as well.

Its located in Chennai citi Centre at radhakrishna salai. It has got 4 screens and the total seating capacity is 909 .

It's actually good to see these days almost all good theatre in Chennai has online booking. I still remember my college days were used to go there buy tickets (mostly my friend raj will get tickets for us, thanx to raj) and 90% we would be getting in black.

February 23, 2007

Funny pics

3 days i have been thinking what to write, but blank .. So today i decided to some how start

Picture taken in a Korean school. Find out who is sleeping, i dunno how these teacher will identify who is sleeping . . .

Sincere and hard workers

Good technique to let out your feeling. . .

February 18, 2007

Need to start ...

It has been a long break. Its almost 42 days gap from my last blog.
i have planned to start again from 19/02/07.

January 07, 2007

Bad start . . .

It's almost 20 days from my last update, anyway this new year i had a bad start,
i was asked to go to south korea on 1st for 15days, it was a tight schedule, i was suffering from fever and cold from 3oth dec. I had to take 2 injection per day to make me fit, hmm not even fit just atleast to come. When i reached the airport on 1st with cold and fever to my bad luck the flight which was to come from delhi got cancelled due to bad weather there. So i was unable to catch the conecting flight at colombo. We tried for other flights it was full, so i returned back home. May be from evening 5 to 12:00 was in the airport. The next day i got the flight at 9pm. Reached korea on wednesday. Work got delayed by 1 day. This is how my new year has started...
I will try to post the pictures in korea soon. (In snow, its my first experience)

December 11, 2006

Nothing interesting . . .

It's been almost 2 weeks I have written on my blog. Even today i saw a message from my friend asking busy ??. Hmm exactly not very busy but the main issue is nothing happened interesting.
Same old office work and tension, weekend movie and window shopping.
Hmm even this weekend my friends and me were thinking no new and good place in chennai. Even our weekend outing these days are getting very regular with same old coffee day,pizza hut, satyam, mayajaal, some hotel . .
And finally last weekend we went to a telugu movie "SAINIKUDU" acted by mahesh babu, this is my first telugu movie. Heard the hero has given hit movie like "ookadu" (this movie was re-made in tamil as ghilli) and his other movie "pokiri" which was a mega hit in telugu is being remade in tamil by vijai in the same name. Music is done by haris for sainikudu.
It was a really a worse movie, songs were bad. I am still wondering why the name was given as sainikudu. Heard from my friend gopi that sainikudu means soldier in teugu. But he plays a role of college student. My rating - (0.5/5)

November 27, 2006

Weekend Movie ...

Yes its weekend and we decided to go for the much hyped movie Dhoom - 2 which hit the screens on Dec 24th. As usual last minute decision, hence we went to mayajaal, (sunday the 26th, 5:00pm). Ticket rate in chennai is shooting like anything, its Rs.215/- per ticket, i still remember seeing movies for Rs.40/- couple of years back. But still we decided to go. I generally avoid hindi movies, coz i don't understand hindi. But i had no choice & hype was also too much so i decided to go. ( plus -> Aishwarya Rai & Bipasha Basu..)

Cool one with no logic, very colour full & rich. Hrithik Roshan is really amazing. I think this is the best i have seen him on screens. He just impresses everyone with his style, excellent dances, and adequate acting. 100% entertainment for sure. Even though i don't understand hindi i wasn't bored nor left alone in the theatre. I didn't like the music, songs weren't that impressive.

Talking about Abhishek he has also done a fine job, but i think he needs to take care of his appearances, postures especially when he is pitted against someone with a personality like hrithik.
My opinion : Zero logic but still 100% entertainment. Hrithik the man who rocks and he is the real scene stealer. Score : 3/5.

November 24, 2006

What to write ???

Today i came early from office, planed to update the blog but nothing came into mind nor found anything interesting. Hence thought of changing my blog page which resulted in two things
one - the online friends and secondly the my listens
please wait for atleast 40 secs to hear the songs .
i will try to load it faster, anyway i have not done the software stuff he he ...
will try through search .
note : songs 2 and 3 are not working i dunno why, soon i will try to correct, its on trial .

November 23, 2006

New search engine ...

Miss. Deweay is a new search engine you should try.
i came across today. Interesting Concept. It tells hmm i would put like this, it comments the topic you search.
my comment: its quite interesting, but not useful. i think i will go with google.
search these quite interesting at time
1) strom
2) use gun (use couple of times)
3) twins