February 24, 2007

inox in chennai . . .

My first visit to inox. Cool theatre. I loved the interiors more of Egyptian style.

Sound effects good, but the tweeter ( shrill) effect was little disturbing our ears. We had gone for the movie Pachi kili Muthucharam. Not to my expectation. They have got online booking as well.

Its located in Chennai citi Centre at radhakrishna salai. It has got 4 screens and the total seating capacity is 909 .

It's actually good to see these days almost all good theatre in Chennai has online booking. I still remember my college days were used to go there buy tickets (mostly my friend raj will get tickets for us, thanx to raj) and 90% we would be getting in black.


Anonymous dinesh n m said...

good to know about the Online booking...

25 February, 2007 23:22  

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