July 30, 2006

Its f1 time

Its good news for kimi & mclaren fans, the first pole position for this season. Its the repeat of 2005 with kimi at pole in Hockenheim. Schumi in second with just 0.2sec difference followed by massa. These ferrari's are really threatening & the major advantage is, they have got good straight line speed. With just 1hr for the race, i hope kimi would do this time, but everything depends on the fuel load each team have decided. As for as alonso he has a tough battle ahead of him, after qualifying down in seventh. Bad news for alonso & renault. This gives a better chance for schumi for narrowing his gap with alonso and charge for his world championship. Anyway we will have to wait and see.

July 29, 2006

y me .....

Today i happened to see an article about a wimbledon player Arthur Ashe (i dunno him) who was dying of AIDS which he got due to infected blood he received during a heart surgery in 1983. One of his fan had asked him, "Why does GOD have to select you for such a bad disease"?. The reply just impressed me, it goes like this, 5 crore children start playing tennis, 50 lakh learn to play tennis, 5 lakh learn professionaltennis , 50,000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam, 50 reach Wimbledon , 4 to semi final, 2 to the finals, When I was holding a cup I never asked GOD "Why me?". And today in pain I should not be asking GOD "Why me?". Yes in my point of view he is right, when we reach the acme of anything we do, either we dont think of god or at the max thank him. But we never ask this question. This leads to a conclusion take life as it comes & dont force things to happen. Its easy to tell but how far is it practical. According to me unless we stop comparing things, we cannot take life as it comes. If u stop comparing, there would be no competition, if there is no competition then no growth.hmm... its quite complex & confusing. Anyway one thing which i thought immediately on reading the article was always be happy. First we must learn to smile & at the same time try to keep others smiling. May be it seems to be more of philosophy rather than real life but i think its the fact. We generally feel comforatable with people who are cool & smiling. I should try that. i dunno how far is that possible.

Secondly i got a forwarded mail about the space shuttle columbia 'STS-107 ' which had 7 crew members on board, with indian-born woman kalpana chawla one among them . The mission was a failure, the shuttle disintegrated during the reentry into the earth's atmosphere, just 12mins before the scheduled time. Actually the pictures which i saw was the shuttle blowing, which was taken by a nasa satellite which really let me in vacuum. i just cannot imagine how it would be travelling alone in a no man land with a disaster ahead. Actually the mail was sent for the technology of nasa, but i felt really sorry for the crew and the team which should have worked all day and night for this mission. This reminds me the film apollo-13 which i like very much, even now i like to watch the movie. One can understand the feeling of the crews, their family & the support team when the mission is not goin in the way they wanted. Worth watching...

Below are the pictures which came to me today. i duuno from which site they had taken

July 26, 2006

Lesson learnt

After a long time I am updating my blog, one reason was the ban of blogs in India for the last 2 weeks ( I dunno exactly the number of days). First I should thank dinesh for he helped me in knowing that the blogs were banned in India & then he indicated that the ban was liberated. Thanx da ....

I received a forwarded mail from prahlad a friend of mine, I really don't know he read that or just forwarded but that really pricked me. It was the speech of Dr. Abdul kalam (president of India) in hyderabad. The crux of the speech was the negative thinking insertion into the pubic by the media & the present condition of Indian citizen. Yes to some extend he is right, we read only about death, terrorism, strike, ban, company closed etc., in the first page of news paper rather than good things happening around. Its actually a known fact to every one . I even remember my college days once or twice have discussed about that, y always negative news. Don't we have good news or good things happening around ?? One of the reason y our thinking has gone negative is mainly due to these ambiance. We feel always insecure & feel we will lose. Hope that to change soon.

But the main thing which made me think was the second portion of it, what is the present condition of Indian citizens, how we complain about the government, policies, our laws etc . We say that the phones don't work, the airline is the worst in the world. Yes right, but what have we done for that was his question. Really good one, everyone will have to think about that. I his speech he had talked about how the same Indian behave in other countries and in India. Actually it really touched me, this April I went to Korea 4 of us. While returning we had to stay in Singapore for 6 hrs in the airport, we bought some chocolate, when I decided to throw away the waste I just started to search for litter box. Actually one was near to the shop were we bought I missed that, we searched for 10 mins and atlast used the litter box. If the same thing in India I would have definitely not wasted time just throw in the wall corner. Its a shame on me. We actually are not ourselves, change accordingly.
The second one I observed in Korea is, everyone after smoking throws his butts only in the litterbox that too check wether its offed properly. I have even seen the market place which is similar to tnagar in india, but all use only litterbox and point is southkorea is the second country in the world were there are more number of smokers. Even in my office korean's carry the tea cup (disposable) after their smoke they use that for putting the butts. Its the culture what we develop and follow. From last week i made up my mind not to litter in the public. I have crossed twice, hmm 26yrs of practice its quite difficult to change at a stroke. Still i am trying, the main reason i wrote this in my blog is one if anyone read please think & dont leave try to follow. The second thing is as i am writing i will have to strictly follow he he... (still many hiccups).

"realize that self-respect comes with self-reliance"

July 15, 2006

Its all about tyres ...

11th race of f-1 kicks off today in france with the fight for pole position. Its been a mixed one, the red ones have won 3 times (2001,002 & 004), but last year it was renault (Alanso). So its goin to be tough, both vehicles are equally good & well balanced. Hmm regarding the track its very greeny hence the road grip will be less & hence the tyre selection plays the major role. The hot conditions will be making the tyre very hard. Air temp can go upto 35° C & track temp will go up to 50°C hence it will be a tough time for drivers as well as tyre engineers. Schumi has made a statement " our vehicle is good but all depends on how the tyre is goin to work for us, if good then we are in else will lose". Mean while montoya has quit Mclaren which is a good news for me,being a fan of mclaren & kimi, i dont think he can handle f-1 car, always punish's the car like anything either hit someone or blow the engine. Montoya has never been consistent. He always has an excuse to blame someone else when he clearly makes blunders.
I want kimi to win this race, even if he is out of the championship. Let me see.
He is always better than alanso, either due to badluck or due to vehicle instability he loses. His way of handling the vechile is too good & has the guts to fight till the last. He is more or less in par with my all time fav mika hakki ..
In trial BMW-Sauber has come up with a new design on a trial basis which featured two new wings on top of the front section of the car. Its only a trial i dunno wether they will be using it for the race or not..

July 14, 2006

Creativeness rules.....

Today i happen to see some pics which shows how children think, in my school i have never thought like these nor had the guts to do.. really interesting

and the below was a thinking of a boy abt rajini lighting his cigar with his physics cool ....

its always good to see something different ...

even it was wrong & the concept was useless i liked it much....

July 13, 2006

No one can stop India

It was really a coward, cruel, inhumaine no words to explain regarding the serial blast in mumbai this tuesday killing more than 180 lives. They think they have achieved some thing which can stop us, i feel they r wrong, after i read an article which came to my desk today morning. i was so impressed and decided to rite in blog. In 3 hrs of blasts , long queues of blood donating volunteers were seen outside various hospital, where most of the injured were admitted. By 12 midnight, these hospitals issued a notification that blood banks were full & they require no blood. The next day, attandance at school & office were close to 100% , trains & buses were packed to the brim, the crowds were back. The city has simply dusted itself off and moved one - perhaps with greater vigour. Its really great, we have proved again that we are always kings & nothing can stop us. i was just wondering, if we can tackle these issues why not others also ?? . we have faced tsunami all alone before and now this, within few hrs we have recovered. In my opinion people r doing their job to the best, its all these politicians and even the indian judiciary are blameable. They always slip form their duty & make the victim into total drench from which they r unable to come back. These stupid politicians are playing the fool with us & the power given. We lack planning, protection & we take life very easily. This should change. There is always delay in case's, investigation etc..., these bullshit really causes everything. By seeing the people changing and with this increasing work force i think soon we will prove to the world telling we are back. Similar to the one which was there before the british's came to india. Strong & rich in all means.

July 12, 2006

Birthday for Prakash

It was a hot (36 degree centigrade) & wonderful afternoon (09/07/06), i am suppose to update on the same day but since this is my first blog i am just gathering momentem from the previous one. Mr.Prakash our cmm incharge (he doesnt like to be called like that) was celebrating his b'day, hope its his 27th. We were in hotel radisson a 4 star hotel in chennai near airport. We went for a buffet, food was not that good, but the fun over took the food. Total member present were 8 (vijai,balu,sundar,....) and the full credit goes to vijai for organizing the get-together. Asusual everyone expected me to be late, i was there in by 13:30hrs on time, but this time the honor goes vijai & balu who were late by an hour and 15mins. The hotel ambience was good quite calm and mild music, this is the 3rd time i am visiting this hotel. We had food for 2 hrs

vijai,myself & balu in the lobby after lunch, discussing abt our the next destination and we decided to go to spencer plazza. A vast and fastly-growing mall with the latest trends. Its supposed to be a good hangout spot. We were purchasing in landmark,pantaloons,music world ..

and finally we reached the end of the show and everyone were totally tired (9hrs of outing), we had dinner at hotel sangeeta at nugambakkam and dispersed at 22:00hrs.