September 29, 2006

Our country needs this ...

This one came in my company's mail box. It's the fact and all indians must think about this and act wisely. We need to save in wht ever means we can ..

September 26, 2006

Seoul cultural tour ....

On 16th september we started off by 8:30hrs to Gyeongbok palace which is in seoul.

Gyeongbok palace was built at the beginning of the
Chosun Dynasty when the Yi Dynasty moved the capital to Seoul. This palace remained the main seat of power for Korea kings throughout much of the time to the present. Gyeongbok means Shining Happiness. It was built in 1395. It was destroyed during the Japanese invasion of 1592 and left in ruins for over 250 years. Starting in 1865, it was rebuilt to its original grandeur. When Korea was annexed by Japan in 1910, most of the 200 building on the palace grounds were torn down by the Japanese, leaving only a dozen structures.

From 1399-1549, seven of twelve kings were enthroned here

kids in korea r really good. I wonder r they doll...

then we went to a indian resturant in seoul, everyone had a good lunch. 7 days of average food in our hotel.

then we went to folk village, which tells how old koreans live and there were some stunt shows also.

then we came back to our hotel by 18:30hrs. It was really a nice trip to know abt korean culture.
Then on sunday we went shopping i will be explaining about that in my next blog.

September 25, 2006

Rolling hills....

Rolling hills is the hotel were i stayed. Its a 5 star. Its built exclusively for abroad hyundai people. It has some 500 rooms, all well equipped with a 31" tv (flat screen), auto lights when u walk into the room, etc .....

My team members with my boss in front of the hotel

lobby & some interior

this if our restraunt in the ground floor. ( breakfast,lunch,dinner - we had buffet). Both korean food and the indian were avl. Indain they have tried their level best. Even though it didnt match our taste, they have done a good job.

This is my room No.232, tried best to keep it neat but still failed...

There is a small water bay its mainly for fishes

we enjoyed krokae

we even played in hotel,

some time in sauna & swiming

In total really a good hotel to enjoy ......

September 17, 2006

Its weekend in Korea ...

It was a very bussy week in korea with hell lot of office work. The food was ok. Korean food is not good for indians. Their taste and our taste of totally different. We are staying a hotel name Rolling hills, i will be explaining about our hotel in the next blog. Its a 5 star hotel & some more pics i need to take. I will be updating in my next blog. This time i feel like telling my weekend activities. To start with a korean cultural programme was done in the hotel itself. It was really good. Some folk music by the korean. We even participated in the that.

and we played some korea traditional games too ....

It was really a good programmee, we all enjoyed. Its 23:20hrs now, and i need to get up for office tom at 6:00. so i will explain my seoul tour and shopping which was done on saturday and sunday tomorrow.

September 11, 2006

Tire some trip ...

We were all set for the trip, i started at 17:30hrs on 9/09/06 to airport. I was stuck in the kathipara junction for 20mins and was late the airport by 3mins. I arrived at 18:33hrs. There we took some snaps thinking all were ok for the 21:30hrs flight.

To our fate, myself,my boss and one other person we made to wait for some reasons. By the time we went for immegration check it was 19:00hrs. with an unexpected huge Q. One good news is i saw our indian cricket players. They had completed their practise in chennai and were leaving. It was great to see sachin,dravid,dhoni, etc next to me. By the time i finished my check it was 21:28hrs. I was the last to board the flight at 21:29hrs. oooppss.We reached colombo one 22:45hrs. Their airport was neat and its better than chennai airport.

Then we went window shopping in the airport and we boarded the flight to hong kong. Cathay pacific. Flight was cool but with little leg room. Food was not to indian taste.

We reached hong kong and were doing some more window shopping, and for sure nothing can be bought. Everything is very costly.

then finally we boarded the flight from hong kong to incheon (seoul) and reached our hotel (rolling hills) by 23:45pm. Its really tire some and 24hrs of travelling.

its really a wonderfull hotel and i will be explainig abt the hotel in my next blog.
korea climate : 20 degree in day time & 11 degree at night. Its really good.

September 07, 2006

Route confirmed ....

Today my route was confirmed. Its quite long and tedious route.
Chennai --> Colombo --> Hong Kong --> Seoul. Almost 24hrs of travel including the break in transit. My general route would be Chennai --> Singapore --> Seoul. Since all the flights were full, we had no choice. Anyway i will be visiting 2 new airports.
Meanwhile i will be missing 2 films , Jillunu oru kaadhal (releasing this weekend) & Lage Raho Munna Bhai (heard its good).
Pictures from : &

September 06, 2006

Hectic Schedule ahead ...

Just 2 days left for my South Korea business trip, and nothing ready so far. My visa stamping is yet to be done. Its a 15days trip (sep9th to sep 24th). One advantage is, i am going for the third time so nothing to worry much, knew the places and its procedure. Anyway i have planned to update daily this time about my overseas experience...

September 04, 2006

Trying to improve ....

From last month i decided to improve myself in one activity every month. To start, i made my mind to follow Dr.Abdul Kalam of not littering waste in public. Hope i am doing a good job in that. Hardly once or twice i have messed up and now it has become a practice to use only dustbin.This month i decided to improve on my commitment. Especially on time keeping and time commitment. Generally i mess up when it comes on time commitment, always there is a complain from my friends, "viki you are late by 30mins,60mins, 45mins etc.." and worse part of it when it comes to movie all my friends say, " Its obvious we will miss the first 10mins or 1st song because of viki delay." Nothing wrong in their part, its quite true that i always mess and appear late. I still remember my college days were i was late even by a day. So i thought i will have to improve on my timings, atleast first appear on time what i have committed or what time i am supposed to be. Then i will have to think about time management and others. Keeping that in mind i placed the clock in my blog. From September i am strictly paying attention so that i am not late ending up with some excuse. Its my nth try, hope i am through this time .....
Below is the funny picture which i came across today ..