August 27, 2006

Its Vv review....

At last we got Vaettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu tickets on friday for saturday (26/08/06) eveing show in mayajaal, 20kms away from chennai, located in the ecr road. I am not an expert in reviewing movies, its only my opinion. Director Goutam has again come up with an excellent cop story . Its really good in script, no doubt about the performance, astute direction and characterization. One thing i liked is it was original, nothing was too stupid. But the songs would have been done much more better. One cannot take his eyes off from DCP raghavan (kamal) as he laces his portrayal with dignity and grace. It was really superb. The way the villain did his role had similarity with 'Kaakka Kaakka', the dialogue delivery and the modulation was same. Even the climax was also same as kaakka kaakka. I think the director was much influenced by this previous movie. I don't want to tell the story and the climax. Its actually a good subject but in my opinion it should have been shown in a much more better manner. The first half was little dragging but the second half got the clutch and the director has shifted to 4 gear. Its definitely not a movie for children below 15yrs, because of the violence (Certificate : U/A). In my opinion, overall its a good movie but it has not got the class finish (overall package) which the director had in his previous film. (My rating - 3.5 out of 5 ). Once it can be watched.

August 26, 2006

India everywhere ...

Its nice to see ..........

Fight ...

Today i happened to see this message its really good. Saying...

"Don't go the way life takes you. Take life the way you go.
And remember you are born to live and not living because you are born"

Every human needs to fight, including me. My opinion we only start fighting only when we have no choice and in some case we leave by just telling no choice or take life as it comes. I should start adopting to it.(Fight till the last)

August 22, 2006

Its Vv this weekend...

Its all about Veetaiyadu Vilaiyaadu rolling in chennai which is releasing this Aug 25th. A much awaited film for kamalhassan fans. I am not a fan of kamal but i like to watch his movies. With director Gowtham Menon who has proved himself in kaakha kaaka. I liked the movie very much. I am also very much eager to watch his second police theme movie that too with kamal. I will have to book tickets tomorrow, hope we get tickets for this saturday. Should be a good feast. Kamal's last film (Mumbai express) which was released over a year ago and was a flop in both tamil and hindi, hope that doesn't repeat. I like 3 songs, especially Partha Mudhal .. by bombay Jayshree & Manjal Veiyil.. by hariharan. In the trailer which i saw kamal looks and walks with extra firmness. The shots don't appeal too much and create a 'wow' kind of situation. (its only my opinion). But one cannot talk with only trailer. Check this sunday for my reviews... (luckily if i get the tickets)
Kamal's ambitious Dasaavathaaram, where he plays 10 roles, has commenced last week. With Asin (in a double role) and Mallika Sherawat as heroines, K.S.Ravikumar as director and Himesh Reshammiya as the music director, that's going to be a movie to look forward to. The dialogues are done my crazy mohan who is one of my favorite. I really loved the movie vasool raja mbbs.
News have started to come about the next film after dasaavathaaram, Saran is producing and directing Kamal next movie. Too fast in action..
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August 20, 2006

Weekend movie...

Yesterday we had gone for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean "Dead Man's Chest", was quite good. I didnt like the movie much. It wasn't like Part -I ("The curse of Black Pearl"). No major action from captain Jack sparrow (Johnny Depp), i am not a fan of him, but in part-I that character had more to do, i liked that. My rating would be 2.5 (0 - 5 in increasing order).

August 18, 2006

School days...

Wednesday morning (16/08/06) Prem my school friend called me and told me that he is getting married this aug 28th happy news. He gave an idea of meeting all school friends in chennai. Was not a bad idea, immediately we traced all the school friends in chennai only 8 we were able to locate. Full credit goes to prem.
We met on the same day, it was really nice and we had wonderful time in hotel green park in vadapalani.I met all the guys after 8 to 9 yrs. It was an different experience and was really good.
Its quite difficult to explain. I would like to tell the name whom i met Prem - after 5 yrs, Joshua - after 8 yrs, Ramanan - after 12yrs, Venkatasubramanian - after 12yrs, vijaya Prakash - after 9 yrs, Deenadayalu - after 8yrs & finally anand - after 3 months. All were the same, i mean the character, the way we used to joke in school nothing changed even after 12 yrs. We were chatting till 00:00 hrs from 20:00hrs and we were the last to leave the hotel. Actually no one felt like going. It was really a good one after a long time.
Since we had no camera that day, i am unable to post the pics. ;) & the picture above was taken on the last day of my school. Some were in 1997.

August 15, 2006

Trust = bond

In this world each and everyone are busy or atleast we have learned to act as if we are busy. We think we are always busy but when we ask ourselves the answer would be no. Its my personal opinion. We actually miss many value things hmm.. Rather i would put like this, we ignore many things and feel later.
This mail which came to me really made me think, i hope most of you would have come across the same mail.
Mail : Its a conversation between a father and a girl child while they were crossing a river in a bridge, the father was kind of scared about his child and so asked his little daughter, "sweet heart hold my hand so that you don't fall into the river." The little girl replied, "No, Dad. You hold my hand." "What's the difference ?" was the fathers question. The girl replied, " If i hold your hand and something happends to me, chances are that i may let your hand go. But if you hold my hand, i know for sure that no matter what happens, you will never let my hand go." The crux is hold the person you love (in any sense), rather than expecting them to hold urs....
Yea its true, but can u imagine what would have happened to the girl if she holds the hand and something had gone wrong, whom to be blamed but finally gone is gone. Let it be in office, home, friends etc., the percentage may vary but we always think them to hold us rather than we taking the initiative. No one can be blamed, we are brought like that. I still remember my young age, while crossing the road my father used to tell traffic is heavy hold my hand (His opinion might be, the individual responsibilities should come from youger age). But from my own experience, i have missed important things due this lack of initiative. Hope i don't make the mistakes again. "The essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond." (Its really a good saying & according to me it has more weightage).

August 07, 2006

Its party time ...

Yea the birthday bell has rung in our group. This time its vijai's turn, he was celebrating his 26th b'day(06.08.2006). It would be more appropriate saying we were celebrating more than vijai. The strength had grown to 8 persons this time. Members present were myself,sundar,balu, vijai's cousin & sister and of course the birthday boy. Oops i forgot our great cmm incharge & last month b'day boy Prakash. This is my 9th blog and stats shows more that 270 views, its acutally good. I never expected that. Okiee to the issue , till saturday night the location was not freezed. I got the call from vijai on sunday, saying that we will meet in hotel savera at 13:oohrs for lunch. As usual everyone except me arrived the place by 13:00hrs, i was late by an hour, but i really wanted to make this time but was caught up with some work. Started off home by 13:05hrs gave a call to sundar stating i will be there 13:45hrs, please book the table and order for a 1/2kg b'day cake. As usal my friend forgot. My father generally used to comment i dunno how your friends adjust your timining sense & your 11th hour preparations. (To know me its better you see my friends ;) ). hee hee just kidding sundar.
Hotel savera is a four star hotel near gemini. Its almost 20kms from my home. It was a pretty hot day & mercury in the gauge was touching 35.5° c. When i reached anna nagar i realized that i had forgotten to buy the b'day card. So i had to rush to connextions a shop near by and got him a card. Which we all signed and gave it to him, wishing his dream to come true.

At last i reached at 14:00hrs, by the time i reached i was able to sense all were ready to hit me. Since all were hungry, it was easy for me to divert them from scolding me. We had our table in just 5 mins and we were all settled. We had gone for a buffet. Sundar & balu didnt even mind our chatting, joking for the the first two rounds. Food was really good. Definitely better than the one we had the last month in radisson. Both veg & non-veg we equally good. The fish fry & the chicken gravy topped my list. At this juncture i would like to remind that vijai has refrained from taking non-veg for the last 6 months (hope i am rite). I still remember how he ate non-veg during balu's b'day last year.Hope he would soon return to the carnivorous gang. We had lunch for 2hrs and at 16:oohrs, the b'day cake was cut. It was really a wonderfull scence, to see vijai face full of cake. (courtesy : Mr.Prakash). We came out of the dining room at 16:30hrs.

Fours guys (balu,vijai,prakash,sundar) just discussing about how to improve india

Then at 16:30hrs we decided to go to chennai city centre which is similar to spencer plaza, its near the beach. Its growing faster as like spencer plaza. It has Lifetsyle, Landmark, Giordano, Wills Lifestyle, Helvetica among other small shops. At the City Centre INOX is coming up with a 4 screen multiplex by the end of August. We did some shopping in lifestyle & i got some friendship band. It was friendship day.

August 06, 2006

Check your concentration.....

Its been a long time updating my blog. Sorry about that.
Okiee its game time guys, let's check how well you perform. i am herewith uploading 2 games, both of them are really good which came in my office mail box last friday. These two have something to do with your concentration. Those who are really ready/willing to check your concentration please try....
The 3rd game is also really good but that's not for concentration.

Game No.1 : Please click the link below its an excel file save in your pc and play.
Game No.2: This you can play as such by just clicking the link below. But remember this is much more tougher then the first one. Let me see how much time you can withstand
Special thanx to dinesh who uploaded the file in his web
Game No.3, this link i got from prahlad, lets see how much distance can u walk ..
Its important to leave your score for all the three battles in the comments.